How to Authenticate your Prada Bag

How to Authenticate your Prada Bag

How to Authenticate your Prada Bag - To be honest, there are so many details you can check to see whether your Prada bag is real or not. But, I'm not about to make this a thesis so here are a few simple points that you'll be able to remember the next time you're out thrifting. Scroll for my guide below!


The Logo: On a real Prada Bag you will find an indent on the right leg of the "R" on the logo. You will also see that the right leg on the "A" is larger than the left leg.


The Tag: Prada bags have a little tag on the inside of the bag. It indicates the bags' factory number.


The Authenticity Card: With the nature of vintage and secondhand, you're not always going to find an authenticity card with the Prada bag but if it does come with it, here's what to look out for. It should have the color, material, article number, shop stamp, and date stamp present. 


The Stitching: The stitching is always even on a real Prada bag. If you see messy stitching - avoid, avoid, avoid!


The Weight: People often overlook the weight of a designer bag. It's a massive indication to me as to whether a bag is authentic or not. Be it a leather or Nylon Prada bag, it should have a strong and sturdy weight to it. If you feel the bag is flimsy or too light, then just leave it as you're probably dealing with a fake.

I really want to give you practical tools that you can easily remember when you're out and about shopping so I hope you found this blog post informative!

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