1. The definition of reworked, preloved and vintage - Reworked: We buy authentic secondhand designer jewellery pieces and give them a new lease of life by reworking them into beautiful necklaces. Preloved: These are items that are secondhand but originally bought within the last 15 years. Vintage: These are items that are secondhand but are 15 years old or older.
  2. A lot of your items seem to be 'Sold Out', when will you be getting more stock in? Lou's Lot is very much apart of the slow fashion market. As our reworked designer necklaces are reworked from preloved and vintage designer jewellery pieces, we don't have an unlimited supply of stock like most shops. We only list what we actually have in stock at that time and this can vary from week to week. We hold stock drops every Sunday at 7pm on louslot.com where we offer our customers a unique curated collection of reworked necklaces. Sometimes the stock drops are big, sometimes they're small! They do sell out pretty quick though and this is why you will see a lot sold out during the week. 
  3. What length are your chains? Our chains are approx 18 inches / 46-47cm long, please use the size guide below for reference;
  4. When will my order be dispatched? Please allow 5-10 working days for the item to be dispatched.
  5. How long does shipping take? Once dispatched, deliveries usually take 1-2 working days within Ireland, 4-5 working days for the UK and Europe and 7-11 days for ROW.
  6. Do you ship world wide? Yes, we ship worldwide. However, if you live in a country at the moment that has import restrictions due to Covid-19, please contact us first before purchase and we can double check for you whether or not it can be delivered to your address.
  7. Do you provide a track and trace number with my order? We send all of our items via DHL. This allows both the customer and the boutique to have a track and trace number. You will be notified of the track and trace number once the item has been shipped.
  8. Do I have to pay customs and import charges? If you live outside of Ireland, you may or may not have to pay customs and import charges when the item enters your country. Buyers are responsible for customs and import charges.
  9. Why didn't I receive a confirmation email? From time to time, confirmation emails may fall into your spam folder or promotions folder. Please also check that the email you provided is correct.
  10. What are your chains made from? Our chains are gold coloured stainless steel. Most of the preloved and vintage pendants are gold-plated unless otherwise stated.
  11. How do I take care of my reworked necklace? 
    Our plated items are costume jewellery, not solid gold or silver and this is reflected in our pricing. To enjoy the beauty of the reworked necklace for a long time, pay special attention, and handle with care.
    Please observe the following recommendations:
    • Protect from moisture (Do not wear your plated jewellery in the shower, during exercise or while sleeping as this can strip off the gold or silver plating)
    • Avoid direct contact with chemical products, including perfumes. (We recommend putting on your jewellery last when getting ready to avoid getting perfume on it)
    • Avoid impact with hard surfaces and keep away from all sources of heat such as radiators, the sun etc.
    • Store your reworked necklace separately in its original packaging or in a jewellery box.
  12. How do you authenticate your preloved and vintage designer accessories? At Lou's Lot we use an in-house authenticator and Entrupy to authenticate all of our designer bags. Entrupy is the world’s first and only on-demand authentication solution for designer bags. It uses artificial intelligence with an algorithmic and data-intensive detection system to authenticate. (Take a look at our Instagram highlights to see how it works!). Our designer jewellery is authenticated by our in-house authenticator and an external authenticator from our trusted suppliers.
  13. Disclaimer: Items are reworked, pre-owned and/ or vintage. Lou's Lot legally purchases designer items on the secondhand market from trusted independent suppliers and not from the original brand owner. Any product names, logos, brands and other trademarks featured or referred to are the property of their respective trademark holders. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the designers listed.