Pre-Order The Reworked Standard Sized Louis Vuitton Padlock Layered Necklace

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This is NOT the Reworked Louis Vuitton Mini Lock Pendant Necklace. It is the standard sized Reworked Louis Vuitton Layered Padlock Necklace. Please note the sizes listed below before placing a pre-order.   

Please note: All padlocks are preloved and vintage. As such, there will be signs of use on the padlock. You will see discolouration and slight scratches. Please examine our sample images carefully before placing a pre-order.  

This reworked layered necklace is made with an authentic preloved/vintage Louis Vuitton padlock and key. The top gold coloured chain is 36.5cm in length, the middle gold coloured chain is 40cm in length and the bottom gold coloured chain is 46cm in length. The padlock is 3.7cm x 2.1cm and the key is 3cm x 1.4cm.

The reworked necklace comes with cute packaging. We send all of our items via DHL. This allows both the customer and the boutique to have a track and trace number. You will be notified of the track and trace number once the item has been shipped.

Please note, your pre-order may take up to 4 weeks to get to your front door. If you are not comfortable with this time period, then please do NOT place a pre-order.

We reserve the right to cancel the pre-order and refund you at any point, should we not be able to source the perfect preloved/vintage Louis Vuitton padlock for your reworked Louis Vuitton Layered Necklace.

To enjoy the beauty of the reworked necklace for a long time, pay special attention, and handle with care. Please observe the following recommendations: Avoid direct contact with chemical products, including perfumes. Avoid impact with hard surfaces. Protect from moisture and keep away from all sources of heat, (radiators, sun etc.) Store your reworked necklace separately in its original packaging or in a jewellery box.